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Thank You, Hospitals

Posted by Mark Lancaster on Dec 17, 2020 10:15:05 AM

No one knows better than our partner hospitals what an unprecedented year this has been. To the thousands of nurses, physicians, and ancillary care teams on the front line, and to the unsung heroes behind the scenes that keep our hospitals clean, patients fed, buildings safe and warm, and more – we say a heartfelt THANK YOU!

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Topics: Patient Experience, Nurse & Staff Retention

Innovation in Interactive Patient Engagement

Posted by Mark Lancaster on Dec 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Nowadays, the term ‘healthcare innovation’ is becoming almost cliché. Everyone, it seems, is on the bandwagon to be known as an innovator, a disrupter. New companies and technologies are coming online faster than hospital management teams can adequately vet them.

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Topics: Allen Technologies, Patient Engagement

One Hospital’s Allen E3 Story to Patient-Centered Care

Posted by Mark Lancaster on Dec 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Seven years ago, Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, New York, came to Allen Technologies with a challenge not uncommon to most hospitals. The 245-bed Northwell Health facility wanted to empower and engage its patients in their treatment. It was looking for innovative ideas – and sought a technology partner with the creative chops and an innovation track record to achieve it.

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Topics: Allen Technologies, Patient Experience, Patient-Centered Care

Three Ways Hospitals Benefit from Today’s Patient Smart Rooms

Posted by Mark Lancaster on Nov 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Smart technology is showing up everywhere.

  • In our living rooms, where we can adjust lighting or play music automatically and remotely.
  • In our travels, where apps and personal assistants guide our routes and warn us of traffic delays.
  • In our daily schedules, where predictive analytics smartly remind us of recurring appointments.
  • And in the highest performing hospitals, where smart technology is changing the hospital experience for the better – for both patients, and staff.
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Topics: Patient Experience

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