Want a Better Patient Experience? Take These 7 Steps.

Posted by Allen Technologies on Mar 5, 2018 10:19:08 AM

Want a Better Patient Experience? Take These 7 Steps with Allen Technologies

Everyone’s talking about it. What is the “it”? The “it” is how do we, as hospitals, improve our patients’ experience. How do we take a stressful, sometimes emotional, often confusing stay in a hospital and turn all of those adjectives into positives? There’s no single answer to that question, as evidenced by the many sessions devoted to patient experience at this week’s HIMSS conference.

There are a few proven strategies, though, that we know make a difference. In 40 years of having
worked with hospitals of all types, sizes and locations to help them answer the patient experience
question, we have uncovered some consistent best practices that any hospital can implement.

One of the biggest opportunities a hospital can leverage is to make better use of the technology
investment they’ve already made. And the easiest place to start is with your patient room televisions.
Who doesn’t already spend a chunk of their hardware budget on hospital-grade TVs for patient rooms,
waiting areas and public spaces? For many hospitals, that expense is still just that – a big expense with
no real connection to better patient experience, or improved outcomes, or more efficient workflows for
your teams.

Why not turn those hospital TVs into state-of- the-art communication and patient education portals?
Hospital-grade televisions (and even bedside touchscreens and tablets) can become the source through
which nurses deliver patient education, patients control their room comfort and make special requests,
and ancillary departments can respond to patient requests and feedback in real time.

Many hospitals take the interactive approach a step further, bringing interactivity on the TV screen into
conference rooms, waiting rooms and lobbies.

The good news is these systems can be implemented quickly, with minimal impact to your IT team and
with virtually no new equipment purchases.

That’s just the beginning. Our new e-book shares more on this strategy and six others that we know
from experience work to improve the patient experience. Download a copy of our step-by- step guide
and learn seven proven ways you can start improving patient satisfaction today.

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