The Patient Experience of Tomorrow … Delivered Today!

Posted by Frank Fortner, CEO, Strategic Healthcare Connections on Aug 24, 2020 12:03:39 PM

Picture yourself walking around one of Disney's theme parks, and you come to a section of the park called "The World of PECOT." At first, you think, "Perhaps someone painted a typo on the sign," but it's clear this isn't EPCOT. After reading the sign more carefully, you realize you've just stumbled upon the Patient Experience Center OTomorrow. Excitedly, you scream, "come on, kids!"

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Why Hospitals Must View Patients as Consumers

Posted by Allen Technologies on Aug 4, 2020 11:09:41 AM

The American healthcare industry is known for many things—sadly, a pleasant patient experience isn’t always them. In large part, that’s because many hospitals have yet to adapt to meet the expectations of patients who are increasingly discerning, demanding, and technologically savvy consumers.

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Top Patient Engagement Trends in 2020

Posted by Allen Technologies on Jan 27, 2020 4:32:01 PM

It has been a decade since President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act – March 23, 2010 – shifting healthcare delivery into the value-based delivery model. Now, as we enter a new decade, hospitals also are entering a new era of patient engagement. What can we expect next when it comes to improving the hospital experience? Here’s what we see ahead.

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One Hospital’s Allen E3 Story to Patient-Centered Care

Posted by Mark Lancaster on Dec 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Seven years ago, Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, New York, came to Allen Technologies with a challenge not uncommon to most hospitals. The 245-bed Northwell Health facility wanted to empower and engage its patients in their treatment. It was looking for innovative ideas – and sought a technology partner with the creative chops and an innovation track record to achieve it.

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